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For the realization of sports welfare envied by the world! For national health!
The Korea Sports Promotion Foundation was established as a public foundation on April 20, 1989 to support projects relating to national sports promotion, sports science research, and wholesome youth development, to raise, operate & manage the national sports promotion funds and to implement of projects commemorating the Seoul Olympic Games.
For the past 20 years the foundation has been steadily exerting efforts in order to make Korea an advanced sports welfare nation where Korean people can become united through sports and sustain healthy lives through the proliferation of sports and fitness.


Jan 2016

Korea Foundation for the Next Generation Sports Talent merged with KSPO

Feb 2014

Strengthening Sports Industry part (Korea Institution of  Sports Science)

Jun 2013

Tour de Korea 2013 held

Nov 2012

K-Art Hall opened

Apr 2012

Tour de Korea 2012 held

Nov 2011

Handball Stadium opened

Sep 2011

ecolian Jungsun Golf Course opened

May 2011

ecolian Guangsan Golf Course opened

Apr 2011

Tour de Korea 2011 held

Apr 2010

Tour de Korea 2010 held

Jun 2009

Tour de Korea 2009 held

Sep 2008

Tour de Korea-Japan 2008 held

Sep 2007

Tour de Korea 2007 held

Feb 2006

Gwangmyeong Velodrome (Speedom) opened

Sep 2006

Olympic Medalist Hand Printing Square opened

Oct 2005

Motorboat rating international rank (rank : Hydro Sprint) registered

Nov 2005

1 Company 1 Village sisterhood relationship established (Songjeong-1ri, Jinbu=myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do)

Jun 2004

Nanji Golf Course completed

Sep 2004

Seoul Olympics Museum of Art (SOMA) opened / Love-sharing Volunteer Group established

Jul 2003

Cycle Racing, Motorboat Racing Clinic opened

Sep 2003

Olympic Hall opened

Jun 2002

Motorboat Racing Course opened

Nov 2002

Cycle Racing Training Center opened

May 2001

International Olympic Fair Seoul (SPOEX) 2001 held

Sep 2001

Seoul Olympic Museum opened

Oct 2001

Sale of Sports Toto (Sports promotion betting tickets) commenced

Jan 2000

Korea Sports Television Inc. sold

Jun 2000

Motorboat Racing Association inaugurated

Nov 2000

Sports Promotion Betting Ticket Business Team inaugurated

Dec 2000

Olympic Parktel privatized (4 places leased, 2 service contracts)

Jan 1999

Korea Sport Science Institute merged with KSPO

May 1995

Olympic Park and Misa-ri Boat Racing Course opened to the general public free of charge

Jul 1994

Bundang Olympic Sports Center opened

Oct 1994

Jamsil Velodrome opened

Feb 1993

Cycle Racing Association inaugurated

Dec 1993

Korea Sports Television Inc. established

Jul 1990

Korea Sports Industry Co., Ltd. established

Sep 1990

Seoul Olympic Parktel opened

Apr 1989

Seoul Olympic Sports Promotion Foundation established

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