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KSPO strengthens the foundation to help develop "healthy people and a strong country."
This is the era of participating in sports, not merely watching sports.
A healthy community is born when the people promote health through sports activities. Only then can a country's competitiveness experience robust growth.

 The five roles of KSPO

Enjoying life through sports is directly related to the individual's right to happiness. Hence, KSPO is helping people maintain health and vitality through participation in sports and leisure activities.
Korea Sports Promotion Foundation was founded in 1989 to commemorate the 24th Olympic Games held in Seoul and to promote national health. It performs the following functions:
1.  Provision of financial support to promote national sports, and the raising and distribution of funds.
2.  Installing and supporting sports facilities, and fostering the sports industry
3.  Research in sports science
4.  Projects commemorating the 24th Olympic Games held in Seoul
5.  Supporting projects related to the development of youth.

  Other roles

KSPO performs important roles in the promotion of sports by enabling everyone to enjoy sports activities any time, anywhere. In connection with this, KSPO:
- Cultivates social and scholastic sports and provides upgraded services.
- Promotes national sports to boost the level of international competitiveness.
- Takes the initiative in developing sports science and in training sports leaders.
- Improves the athlete's welfare and takes part in the development of young athletes.
- Leads residents in the pursuit of a healthier Korea.
- Promotes international harmony and friendship.
- Provides support to sports facility providers and sports accessory manufacturers.
- Expands the scope of participation in sports

KSPO envisions the day when the whole nation enjoys a healthy and pleasant life, and the sports industry becomes an essential component of our strong national competitiveness in the knowledge-based 21st century.
KSPO is at the forefront of building a foundation for healthy people and a strong country by respecting life and the harmony between nature and human beings.
The Person in Charge
The Person in Charge Strategic Planning TeamLee Jae Min02)410-1167