About KSPO


The emblem of KSPO symbolizes 'Vibrant people, soaring KSPO' and represents KSPO's friendliness and symbolism. The exterior line symbolizes KSPO's systematic financial support activities for the cultivation of the sports industry and expansion of the national sports infrastructure as the financial support provider for national sports promotion, and the center kite of the five kites represents KSPO portraying its dynamic will to expand its horizon to the entire nation and the world.
The emblem is an important and primary element that constitutes the KSPO CI system, and serves as the core of the visual information system. 

The colors are cardinal visual elements symbolizing KSPO and widely used in printed media. Therefore the colors must be used correctly according to the regulations. 

The Main Colors consist of 4 colors (KSPO Blue, KSPO Green, KSPO Yellow, and KSPO Purple), and these are prescribed as the Monitor Colors according to special color regulations and the 4 primary-color system, depending on the media used and the scope of application.

The Person in Charge
The Person in Charge Public Relations TeamSung-Hyuk Park02)410-1155