Fund Supporting Projects

Summary of Fund Supporting Business


KSPO raises National Sports Promotional Funds through bicycle racing, boat racing, and Sports Toto even under difficult conditions at home and abroad. With these funds, KSPO supports various businesses to promote sport for all, professional sports, sports for the disabled, and sports-related business, and to increase the international sports exchange.


KSPO takes the lead in making the environment for all to enjoy sports welfare by supporting various sports promotion businesses using National Sports Promotional Funds raised from bicycle racing, boat racing, and Sports Toto.


From 1989 to 2016, National Sports Promotional Funds managed finances for national sports by supporting the total amount of 8,644,800,000,000 Korean Won to various businesses for the vitalization of sport for all, the promotion of professional sports and sports-related business, and the increase of international sports exchange. In 2017, KSPO plans to support 1,337,000,000,000 Korean Won, which is the largest amount so far, to reflect people’s high expectations on sports welfare.


KSPO will put its best efforts to make people enjoy healthy and happy lives through sports by efficiently carrying out fund supporting businesses.