Fund Supporting Projects

Promotion of Professional Sports


Working with Korean Olympic Committee, KSPO systematically promote the professional sports by supporting operating expenses and working expenses for each sports organization; fostering players and leaders to promote athletic performances; and supporting athletes’ welfare work to increase athletes’ welfare. With these promotions, KSPO contributes to inspire the pride as one of the world sports’ leading nation, which had hosted international tournaments such as Olympics and World Cup. Moreover, KSPO creates the basis for Korea to firmly hold the place as sports powerhouse in 21st century.


o Athlete Welfare Project
 The Athlete Welfare Business is intended to promote the welfare of national athletes and sports professionals who enhance national stature and pride. The business appropriates sports promotion funds for eight areas. 
o Beneficiary areas 
 - Sports skill Improvement Research Pension
 - Competition Instructor Research Subsidiary
 - Special Subsidiary
 - Athlete & Coach Protection Support Fund Protection Support Fund
 - Pension for the Disabled
 - Overseas Education Support Fund
 - Sports Scholarship
 - Welfare & Retirement Fund
 - Annual Financial Support Details
 - Annual Support Amount (Unit: 1 million Won)

The Person in Charge
The Person in Charge Fund Support TeamJung-Hwa, Kim02)410-1285