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Olympic Sports Center

 Olympic Park Sports Center

The Olympic Park Sports Center, located within the "Olympic Park" famous for a world class sculpture park and 6 gymnasiums and stadiums where the '88 Seoul Olympic Games were successfully held, developed the swimming pool, gymnastics center, and tennis courts into a sports center for diverse sports. The center is a paradise in a city and the cradle of recreational sports that makes great contribution to the betterment of human life.

 Bundang Olympic Sports Center

Bundang Olympic Sports Center, 7 minutes away from Seohyeon Station on the Bundang subway line, is easily accessible by public transportation and located in the middle of the largest apartment complex in the area. It boasts of abundant green environment and cozy surroundings. The center is the Mecca of the recreational sports in Bundang equipped with international standard-compliant swimming pool with best water quality, ice rink and various educational programs on 15 events of sports

 Ilsan Olympic Sports Center

As a cradle of general national sports, the Ilsan Olympic Sports Center opened in 1998. It provides 18 community Sports programes in a single building and is equipped with a swimming pool and fitness center with about 60 exercise machines including 23 treadmills. It also runs children's sport clubs. Superior instructors selected with strict criteria devotedly and faithfully work as the guides to healthy leisure life in an era of well-being where people pursue physical and mental composure.

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