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Art shelter coexisting with nature in the city – SOMA


In 2004, the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation opened the Seoul Olympic Art Museum to highlight the cultural achievements of the 1988 Summer Olympics. The two story building totaling 10,191㎡ is located in Olympic Park, one of the five largest sculpture parks in the world with a green area of approximately 1.5 million ㎡. In the spring of 2006, the Seoul Olympic Art Museum was renamed and reopened as the Seoul Olympic Museum of Art (SOMA) with a renewed mission and a vision to enhance the communicative essence of art and nature. SOMA currently houses 219 pieces of modern sculpture, the works of 155 famed artists from 66 countries who had participated in the International Outdoor Sculpture Symposium, and the International Outdoor Sculpture Invitational held in the Olympic Sculpture Park in commemoration of the Seoul Olympic Games.


The museum plans exhibitions which extensively highlight the contemporary artwork of various genres on a regular basis in a bid to provide a platform for the dialogue and critical issues of modern art, contributing to the development of fine art at home and abroad. The museum's Drawing Center, which is the first such initiative on Korea, is designed to build an archive of drawings while fostering creative and promising artists. SOMA, an open cultural space, is committed to its role as a social, cultural institution that enriched the lives of citizens through its cooperative programs with academia, volunteer initiatives, and various educational programs for adults and children.
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