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Seoul Olympic Museum


Seoul Olympic Museum


With the aim at the establishment of a combined entertainment & educational theme-based museum that spotlights the glory of the Seoul Olympics and instills pride in the young generation by inheriting and developing the Olympic spirit, the Seoul Olympic Museum opened on September 19, 1990 to be a world class tourist attraction. 

Putting aside the misfortune of the 1980 Moscow Olympics and the 1984 LA Olympics where some IOC members boycotted the Games due to differences in ideology, the Olympic Games held in Seoul revived the true Olympic spirit with 160 countries out of the 167 IOC member countries participating in the event. All the Koreans at home and abroad were united to make the Olympics the most successful and brilliant feat in the 5,000-year-long history of Korea, and the event became the dynamic force for national harmony and reunification. Along with the unique educational function called the 'inheritance and cultivation of the Seoul Olympics ideology,' the Seoul Olympic Museum is an experience type venue with an entertainment function that raises fun and a place where people can visit with joy. ' 

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* Group: 30 people or more

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