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Seoul Olympic Parktel


The Seoul Olympic Parktel, which was established in 1990 to commemorate the successful achievements of the 1988 Seoul Olympics and to efficiently utilize the inheritance from the event, is operated as a customized hotel for athletes that can be used economically by youths and athletes. It provides diverse facilities and amenities including accommodation, restaurant, sauna facilities and sports facilities.

Seoul Olympic Parktel is located in the beautiful 1.419 million sq. meter Olympic Park, and with the natural scenery of the Olympic Park as its background it holds pride as the optimal venue for international conferences, seminars, and receptions. It possesses 15 indoor banquet halls including 9 small halls accommodating 10~30 people, 5 medium-sized halls accommodating 70~120 people, and 1 large hall that holds up to 500 people. Moreover, the 4 event squares of the expansive Olympic Park including the 88 Garden, Global Village Park, Picnic Area, and the water-side stage where the music fountain is installed, and the Haneol Square are perfect venues for holding large scale events.

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