Olympic Park


 Strolling & Jogging

The Olympic Park is located on a 1.419 sq. meter site centering on Mongchon Fortress, and is comprised of the Lakeside Lane, Fortress Lane, Memory Lane, Lovers' Lane and Youth Lane as the strolling and jogging courses, and the true image of Olympic Park can be enjoyed in each course.
The Lakeside Lane is highly favored by those who work in the nearby areas because they can feel the serenity and peace of mind. The Fortress Lane, where the love in the family can be felt, is favored for its excellent view of the historic relics from the Baekje Dynasty and the wide grass areas, even though the famous "a panting hill" makes it a little difficult. The Memory Lane which forms two circles around Mongchon Fortress is the best course for quiet thinking and strolling in late fall. The Lovers' Lane is suitable for lovers in their tender, leisurely strolls around Lake 88 and the Mongchon Fortress. Finally, the Youth Lane allows an unobstructed view of the outer ring of Olympic Park and is loved by enthusiastic joggers who love to perspire because it is widely used as part of a marathon or other running events.

 Acupressure Walk

Acupressure walk is located within the Olympic Park and enjoys great favor from visitors.
Acupressure walk, located at the base of the zelkova tree beside building A of the Olympic Plaza next to Peace square, was built in a circular system of the Taegeuk pattern (the source of the dual principle of Yin and Yang) with a total length of 53.4M, and unlike other acupressure walks this has an acupressure space installed in the center that uses an ocher ball and it is renowned for its superior acupressure effects.

 Inline Skating

This leisure sport was invented as an answer to the question, "can't we enjoy skating in the summer?"
On a summer day in the 1700's, a Dutchman, who desperately wanted to enjoy ice skating, sewed spools onto his shoes and wore them during the summer. This was the first model of today's inline skate. Do you know that inline skating has great weight-loss effects?
Inline skating burns more fat and strengthens your lower body muscles more than aerobics, so it helps you to build a slender and firm figure. Moreover, it is known that inline skating is extremely good for maintaining health, because it possesses the cardiopulmonary strengthening function of cycling with less impact on the waist and ankles than jogging. Families and couples can enjoy inline skating anywhere at very low cost, and exhilarating speeds can be experienced with only a little practice.

 There is also the fun of choosing the Park Sports Center activities.

The Olympic Park Sports Center is located within 'Olympic Park,' which is famous as a world-class sculpture park containing the 6 gymnasiums and stadiums that successfully waged the 1988 Seoul Olympics. In order to expand the base for national recreational sports, it developed the swimming pool, gymnastics center, and tennis court into a multipurpose sports center for the residents, and it has become an urban paradise and a cradle for recreational sports contributing greatly to the improvement in quality of life.
In terms of the features, the Park Sports Center has made special effort even in the most intricate areas such as the special floor finish that can absorb impact to protect the joints of facility users. Education services are provided by the best team of instructors, and sauna, shower facilities, and the shuttle bus services are provided to all members.