Olympic Park

Seoul Olympic Park facilities

 SOMA Museum of Art

As one of the 5 great sculpture parks in the world, the Seoul Olympics Museum of Art is a new paradigm sculpture park with a systematic arrangement of diverse Olympics related monuments & sculptures. It is further increasing the educational value of the Olympic Park through culture popularization, promotion of domestic & international development in sculpture art, and creation of a sculpture attraction.
Moreover, the Museum of Art operates motion picture displays and various high standard educational programs.

 Olympic Museum

The Olympic Museum is used as a venue for live experience of public interest cultural education that can hand down and develop the achievements of the Seoul Olympics and instill the inspiration and confidence of that time to the youths through the operation of a Museum that has systematically arranged and exhibits the results of the Seoul Olympics and commemorative Olympics items.

Moreover, apart from the observation of exhibits at the Olympic Museum, students can combine educational experience and cultural activities as a venue for excursions, sketch contests, composition contests etc. Motion pictures including Ride Fantasy Seoul Olympics, Soldiers of Dawn etc. can also be observed.

 Olympic Gymnasium No. 1

As a gymnasium that can hold 15,000 people at the one time, it can be used as a multi-purpose venue with its stow-away seats enabling diverse large-scale events such as sports competitions, large concerts, exhibition events etc. With its recent overall repair works, events can be conducted in a more pleasant & safer environment.

 Olympic Gymnasium No. 2

With its 7,000 seats that can be stowed-away, it can be used as a multi-purpose venue enabling diverse events such as sports competitions, performances, group events etc.
Usage of this venue is made more convenient with the adjacent wide rest areas including the 88 Garden, Haneol Square etc.

 Olympic Gymnasium No. 3

With a capacity of 3,400 seats, it is a venue where affinity can be felt with the audience having the stage and the seats in close proximity. It is being used as an optimal venue for diverse small-medium events such as small-scale performances, seminars, events etc.
Accessibility by public transport is also easy with the Subway line 5 located nearby.

 Olympic Tennis Center

As an international standard tennis stadium that can hold approximately 10,000 spectators, it is a venue that can hold diverse events from tennis competitions to concerts and other large-scale events.

 88 Garden

As a wide 33,000sqm sized grass square, the 88 Garden can hold traditional Korean folk performances, and with the open air stage in the center large-scale outdoor performance etc. can be held. The nearby zelkova tree forest also provides rest areas for family units.

Area: Approx. 33,000sqm Usage: large scale concerts, children's sketch contests etc.

 Picnic Area

As a rest area within the urban center with well-formed natural scenery, it is receiving spotlight as the playgrounds for many preschool children visiting the Olympic Park.

Area: Approx. 5,940sqm Usage: picnics for children & youths, sketch contests etc.

 Waterside Stage

Mongchon Haeja (Lake), 88 Lake, and the Waterside Stage are all receiving spotlight as venues for diverse events such as outdoor concerts, performances, commercial film shoots etc. with an outstanding background scenery.

 Music Fountain

This fountain makes 14,000 different kinds of expressions in accordance with about 140 melodies, and shoots water as high as up to 30m. When observing this fountain the desire to reach the skies is subdued and endless ascent is dreamt.

The water streaks twinkling in the sunlight and the rainbows can be enjoyed, and in the summer nights the Music Fountain dancing in line with the lighting and music forms an extravagant work of art.

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